Hi!  I’m Chris, a wife, mom and grandma on a mission for Jesus.

Don’t let the grandma thing lead you to believe I’ve been walking with Jesus for a long time.  Sure, I learned about the way to salvation over 30 years ago and even called myself a born-again believer but it wasn’t until about 6 years ago when I first told Jesus I loved him that my journey really took off!

Since then, I found a church where I am loved and well cared for, where I learn about God’s mercy and grace, where I was baptized, where I “do life” alongside other believers, where I lead a small group, where I serve in various ministries –all of this, compliments of God, my heavenly father, who loves giving good gifts.  Thank you, Father, for continually pursuing me and patiently waiting for me.

So, I’d say I’m on the green side of my journey but growing exponentially.  I have so much to learn.  I recall during one of my prayer times telling God that I felt pretty comfortable with my knowledge of Him – the all-powerful Creator; the heavenly Father; THE source of everything good but I wanted to know more about Jesus; like really know him as a friend.  I believe the answer to my prayer came in “I KNOW A GUY.”  I believe God planted this idea in my head to not just tell others about Jesus but to reveal Him to me.

By the world’s standards, I’m just an average person.  But God gave me an idea.  He gave me a mission to share Jesus with others and along the way learn a thing or two.  By the world’s standards, I’m not equipped to sell T-shirts or to run a business or to create a website.  But God is providing everything I need to carry out His mission. 

This is about Him; for His glory.