The Story

In the beginning …

If you’ve ever been on a social media app you’ve probably seen people asking for recommendations for all sorts of services; plumbers, electricians, dentists, babysitters, dog walkers, etc. And in response to these requests comes a myriad of opinions. I’ve seen one request for a dentist yield, at least, 50 recommendations within just a couple of hours. People are very eager to tout they know the BEST dentist, the BEST contractor, the BEST nanny; and moreover, people become possessive about it saying. “give my guy a call,” or “my roofer is very reasonable,” “my accountant works ‘round the clock.” This possessiveness shows the sense of pride we have for knowing the one we are recommending.

One day, walking home from church, my husband and I were talking about our children, who, for the most part, were out of the house and starting their “grown up” lives. He told me he had given our daughter “his” accountant’s name and number as well as that of his insurance guy. She was already using “his” mechanic. He was pretty proud to “have a guy” for just about everything. To which I aptly added, “I have a guy, too.” wink wink.

We live in a broken world full of broken people. You don’t have to look too far or think too hard to find someone you know who is lonely, depressed, overwhelmed, sad, discontented, anxious. I know a Guy who can help with every one of those issues and more. His name is Jesus! He has an unmatched track record, carrying immeasurable 5-star reviews. I am eager and proud to recommend Him to anyone willing to give Him a try.

How about you?

(inspired by Hebrews 4:15-16)